Frequently Asked Questions

What are your Office Hours?
You can call us from Friday to Saturday, at 08.00 – 11.30 p.m . We only closed our office on Two Eid. We have 24/7 service.
What can I send in my parcel?
You can send any kind of parcel. But don’t delivery any kind of illegal products or prohibited products. If found any kind of illegal or prohibited products will not be liable for this rather merchant will have to take all responsibilities
What hours are you open and when do you make deliveries?
We understand that not every delivery is going to fall in 8.00 between 11.00 normal business hours so we are conveniently open 24/7 and can make a delivery at any time of day or night.
How do you notify Customer that they have a parcel?
We have Masking SMS Service. The Moment the parcel is ready for delivery; customer will be notified with an SMS along with timing and Rider’s Number.
How can I monitor the status of my package through its journey?
Simply enter your Order Reference at the Track Your Order of the Website for the latest tracking updates. Please note that you can track your order after the product has been dispatched for delivery.
I am trying to track my parcel online however the system has not updated my information. Why?
Please raise a Support Ticket via the Contact Us page we will respond quickly and promptly to resolve the issue at hand.
Can I update my customer’s information after pick up or dispatched for delivery?
You can simply raise a ticket on webpage and our team will update the information and solve your issues
Will a package be delivered if nobody is there to accept it?
Though a signature is required for any deliveries to be made the package might be given to person instructed by customer without driver's discretion. You can also add notes to the Instructions field as to where you would like your package delivered if no one is at home
Do you offer same day freight delivery?
Yes we do same day delivery. Our last pick up time 1.00pm
How does your online delivery quote work?
Simply fill out your name, phone number, email, speed, pick up and delivery destination, and details of your delivery and we will get back to you with a quote within minutes.
How quickly can you deliver my package?
We promise guaranteed delivery within 24 hours for next day service and 6-8 hours for same day service.
What is the largest package you can deliver?
We can deliver any item that is smaller than 2ft x 4ft x 2ft.
When will the driver arrive to collect my shipment(s)?
The driver will arrive to collect your shipments(s) between 3:00pm and 11:30pm on the working-day you selected for collection. Some of our Courier Services allow you to request a smaller pickup window at the time of booking.
Do you offer medical courier services?
We offer STAT prescription, medical sample, medical specimen, medical equipment, and medical supply delivery throughout the Dhaka. We will deliver medical equipments under the instructions and rules of Government or Health organization.
What type of legal courier and delivery services do you offer?
Our legal courier and delivery drivers are experienced and knowledgeable about not just legal deliveries but of the basic functions of the judicial system. Due to this we offer same day and rush court filings, document retrieval, and court records staging and transportation.
Where and how do I make a claim(s) for either loss or damage?
All claims MUST be sent to Courier Queen by raising a Ticket via the Contact Us Page within 48 hours. Or Contact our desired number.
Do you have any Value added service?
We will help you to avail any kind of documental registration related to your business. Our Legal service team will work for your any kind of legal help related to your business.